How to connect and configure the SimpleSub bot
Create a new project
Launch the bot and click "Projects" — "Create a new project" — write the name of the project and choose what you will connect: chat or channel.
In the settings of your resource (channel or chat), select "Add participant" and find SimpleSubbot among our contacts, add it. We grant the bot admin rights with the right to ban users: "Edit" - "Administrators" - "Add admin" and turn on the switch next to "Ban users".
Add the bot to the administrators of your resource
Check the connection
We return to SimpleSub and check the notification about the successful connection of the bot to your resource.
Create a payment plan
Click "Create a tariff plan" — select the currency from the proposed ones and write the name of the tariff. Then, select the tariff validity period and the price in the selected currency.
Create your own bot
Following the instructions in SimpleSub, we create our bot through BotFather. This bot is your landing page that your audience will go to subscribe to.
Then we give the token of our bot to SimpleSub.
Set up a payment token in SimpleSub
Click "Go to projects" — select the project — "Project settings" — "Bot settings" — "Update payment token". You need to pick it up at FatherBot.
Transfer payment token from FatherBot to SimpleSub
Go back to FatherBot. We call the bot menu to the left of the line for entering text, press "/ mybots" and select the desired bot. In the menu, select the item "Payments" and connect the required means of payment.
Instructions for connecting the payment system to Telegram.
After that, the payment token will be available. Copy and send it to SimpleSub.
Ready! SimpleSub connected
Now you can manage settings, create new projects, view payment statistics, change bot messages, change tariffs.
To learn more about management
by SimpleSub bot see the demo
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