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Telegram-bot for content monetization
SimpleSub is a bot that allows you to create paid subscriptions in Telegram channels and make money on the content.

This is a bot that allows you to create a time-limited paid access to your private channel or Telegram chat.

After the subscription period, the bot removes the participant from the channel or chat.
This way you can start selling exclusive
content in your channel or participation in a chat.
What is SimpleSub?
Start making money on content in three steps
Create your channel or chat on Telegram
Private chat or channel of your project, in which you will publish content or chatting.
Create a project in the bot and add the bot to the channel admins. Create subscription payment plans for your channel.
Connect SimpleSub to your channel or chat
Set up SimpleSub bot and start earning
Choose the term and cost of subscribing to a channel or chat. After the subscription expires, the bot will automatically remove the member.
SimpleSub is the only free bot
for creating paid subscriptions in Telegram
SimpleSub is completely free for you.
All features are available immediately.
  • Work on any device
    SimpleSub is fully on Telegram. You can set it up from any device on which Telegram is available.
  • Choose a convenient payment system
    SimpleSub works with the Telegram internal payment system. Depending on your country, there are different options for accepting payments.
  • Get detailed project statistics
    Study how many users the bot has collected in total and how much money is earned. Statistics are available per day, per month, and for all times.
  • Customize bot messages
    Clients subscribe through the bot. You can set all messages that the bot writes to subscribers.
  • Stop the project any time
    In SimpleSub, you can stop a project with one click. In this case, the bot will remove all subscribers from the channel/chat only at the end of their subscription period.
  • Soon
    Send mailings through the bot to everyone who subscribes to it
    Soon it will be possible to send mailings (messages in Telegram) to everyone who subscribes to the bot. Even if at the moment he has already unsubscribed from your channel. This way you can return users.
Check out the SimpleSub demo,
to find out how to connect
Try SimpleSub now, it's free
All features are available immediately.